'Routine Midwifery Care Why Not Here'

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After reading the articles and the book and watching the videos I have change how I see a midwife. I never really knew what exactly they were able or prepare to do and now I feel like they are very prepare to help with the delivery of a baby. I always thought that doctors were more prepare that it was too risky to have a birth at home and with a midwife. But now I learn that that’s not always the case. Am the mother of two kids and my plan was always to have them in a hospital with the best doctors that I could find, I wanted my kids to be born in a safe environment and with people that knew what to do in case of an emergency. When I first was pregnant with my fist, I actually search the whole water birth with a midwife and I was surprise that people had an option to have kids in that environment, I though it was very interesting but I didn’t felt that it was for me.…show more content…
After reading "Routine Midwifery Care why not here" by Leah Hyder, I realized that midwifes are very prepare and they know what to do in case of an emergency. Hyder explains that "the majority of healthy women in Europe use professionally-trained midwives" and this is important since Europe has lower rates on infant
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