Rover Pyramids

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ANCIENT monuments and ruins seen in photographs of Mars are being IGNORED by NASA, it has astonishingly been claimed.

Alien hunters say that two disintegrating pyramids, similar to those from old Egypt and focal America, have been found in a photo taken by the NASA Curiosity wanderer droid.

In a blog entitled 'Ancient Pyramids On Mars Just One Mile From NASA Rover! NASA Ignores Them', made the astounding charge.

Scott C Waring, the site's manager, was remarking on a video about the supposed disclosure, made by YouTube paranormal channel Martian Archeology.

The channel guaranteed to get the pictures after an affirmed battle with the US space organization.

It wrote in a special ad spot for the video: "After some
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"The pyramids are imperfect, because of age, but it's still amazing that such structures exist on Mars and have never been addressed by NASA.

"Why is that rover driving around looking for tiny microbes of life, when huge five-floor pyramids are just a mile away?"

It is not the first run through charged pyramids or different remains have been found on Mars.

Prior cases were revelations of destroyed walled urban communities, old sanctuaries, and even a Mars Henge, similar to Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

Mr. Waring included: "If NASA was really trying, they would explore some of these UFO researchers discoveries on live cam so the public could see it unedited.

"When NASA edits everything, taking several months before the public gets to see them...its evidence that NASA has something very big to hide from the public.

"But...we don't need NASA anymore to find life, do we? Worldwide UFO hunters are on the job doing thousands of times more discoveries per year than NASA."

The outsider connivance scholars have yet to clarify why they think NASA would burn through billions on its space investigation projects to arrive droids on Mars to deliberately disregard confirmation of an antiquated human
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