Rowing Machine Advantages

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The benefits of rowing machines
Rowing machines are not the typical sights in many gyms and health clubs. Most gyms do not have more than one or two rowing machines and hardly will you find people using the machine. But rowing machines are not inferior workout equipment. In fact, they are an excellent equipment for cardiovascular exercises, and they can help to build and tone muscles, increase your strength, and endurance. Also, low rowing machines do not strain the joints and the back, making them an effective workout equipment for older people and young people who cannot use heavier equipment. When used with the best workout techniques, a rowing machine can provide many benefits for your fitness and weight loss goals. The director of the Work Physiology Lab of the Ohio University Frederick Hagerman, says that the rowing machine is more effective for burning calories than cycling and running because it is a full body workout that works the abdominals and the quadriceps. He adds that it also works the gluteal, hamstrings, as well as the arms, legs, back, and shoulders. In fact, you can burn more than 10 to 15 percent more calories with rowing than you would when cycling at the same intensity.
Here are some of the fitness benefits of a rowing machine
Everybody can use the rowing machine: The reason why many people
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Start your rowing session by keeping your knees bent, with your arms and shoulders reaching forward, while your shins are held in the vertical position. Then drive the machine by pushing your feet against the heels rest until your legs are almost straight. Then start pulling the handle towards the direction of your chest by leaning a little bit backwards and bending your elbows, with your back kept straight. Then go to the recovery phase by reverting to the starting position. Repeat the process in a fluid
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