Rowlandson Mallet Analysis

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While, Singleton journeys back to tell them the devastating news of Roderick’s demise, Rowland Mallet for seven long hours stands vigil over the corpse. During this time, the wealthy patron accuses “himself of cruelty and injustice” (231) towards his fallen protégé. What is more, Mallet reasons, “he would have lain down there in Roderick’s place to unsay the words that had yesterday driven him forth on his lonely ramble.” (231-232) What Rowland fears and dreads now becomes a reality, when his dead friend is brought back to the inn thus inviting the women to cry and it is precisely that cry which “still lives in Rowland’s ears.” (232) Since that tragic day, Rowland occasionally sees Miss Garland in Northampton in the vain hope that she will
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