Roxana Saberi

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Just imagine, someone is ringing the doorbell, the person who answers the call is still half-asleep, and they are thinking it’s the mailman. Once the door opens it takes the turn for the worst, men forcing their way in, confiscating all possessions, and then manhandling the poor victim into a mysterious vehicle. Roxana Saberi, that is her name, she is the “poor victim” of this tragic event all because she is writing a book, but Iran thinks this is just a cover up on the United States attempt to spy. Once she came out of prison confessing she is a spy for the United States, her journalism career in Iran is over, but Saberi also takes the time to write a book called Between Two Worlds. She may be the writer of the story, but she does exhibit…show more content…
What we learn about Saberi that she is a North Dakota native from the city of Fargo, a freelance reporter in Iran, but that doesn’t last much longer once she is in Evin Prison. Saberi exhibits fear in this piece when she receives the note, “My heart began to pound,” when Iran asks her to cooperate during the cooperation, “Cooperate. I had no idea what kind of cooperation these people were talking about.” Even when she is in her prison cell, she is so scared that she does not even know what to do, “From this height, I couldn’t expect to survive if I jumped, and I had neither enough guts nor enough bed sheets to swing my way down to safety” (Saberi). These three examples are only a few that exhibits her human side in the story, and yet Saberi incorporated these three into her story to show the uncertainty she goes through. Her actions show us about human nature by trying to shut the door when she is frightened by the note, trying to take the easy way but chose not to because she still believes in herself in doing what is right. Nobody is perfect, but we all can relate to these actions even though there are many more in the story. Her captors, they are in life to strike fear into the eyes of many by forcing themselves in other’s domains, interrogate those who they think are a threat, and even by ravaging through one’s possessions. Roxana Saberi, she is a rather courageous woman by trying to keep herself calm during the home invasion, and is also audacious by retracting her false confession. Like in the Crucible, John Proctor retracts his confession and gave a new one, Saberi did the same thing, but the only difference is she is telling the truth in her final
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