Roxane Gay A Tale Of Three Coming Out Stories Analysis

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In the essay titled “A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories” by Roxane Gay, the author expresses the invasion of the privacy of celebrities and other well known individuals by society. The essay revolves around the LGBT community which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and the issues that occur due to society pressure and anti-gay governmental legislation . Gay uses the coming out stories of 3 well-known individuals in her essay in a persuasive manner to prove the idea that although celebrities losing their privacy is unfair, they have an obligation to speak up in order to benefit the greater good. In order to benefit the greater good Roxane Gay repeatedly expresses that fellow LGBT members must stand up and be counted.
A major reason for the writing of this essay for Roxane Gay was to express the idea that gay celebrities have an obligation to come out and be counted to become role models for the community. Throughout the essay she focuses on three major coming out stories of three well-known celebrities : a journalist by the name of Anderson Cooper, Sally ride a famous astronaut, and Frank Ocean who is a up incoming hip hop artists. Using a strong narrative through the recalling of the stories of these three individuals Roxane gay express the importance of strong role models in the LGBT community. She compares the brave story of Frank Ocean’s coming out story in a community, that in the past has been known for being very homophobic, to the work of famous rapper “Tyler the Creator” . Gay expresses that people looking up to and idolizing Tyler the creator, a rapper whose work contains “213 gay slurs on one album”, is a step backwards, while having a brave role model like frank Ocean would help drive the progress of gay rights forward. Gay uses the rhetorical strategy of repetition by repeating the phrase we must “stand up and be counted” in order to support her idea that strong role models help the community and work towards a greater good.
Unfortunately although our society is working towards becoming more accepting of the LGBT community there still are plenty reports of bullying and harassment of LGBT adolescents in the public school system. According to Roxane Gay's essay “nine out
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