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The piece of art that I have chosen is Roxy Paine’s Conjoined created in 2007. This is a representational piece depicting a pair of trees taken from nature and joined by their branches. The trees themselves are cylindrical, smooth and shiny from all angles. They reflect light from all sides creating a mirror like appearance. The branches initially flow upward but then gradually flow into the middle where they are conjoined. They are located in Madison Square Park where they seem to blend in with the rest of the trees but they definitely manage to stand out. Because they serve no function other than visual I consider this sculpture to be fine art. Roxy Paine welds cylindrical stainless steel pipes and rods to form and shape these two…show more content…
Stainless steel is more expensive than standard steel. Paine has studied and observed they way trees grow and this has allowed him to form his own artistic rendition. Paine uses the visual element of “Direction and Movement” to make the trees appear like they are growing into each other or being pulled apart. The branches are tapering at the tips and flowing to the side almost like a windstorm is blowing them over. Looking at the trees you get a real sense of struggle between forces. They look like they are pulling apart but at the same time trying to overtake one another. He also uses the visual element of “Shape and Mass.” The trees are 3D representation of actual trees. They are over 40 foot tall and very heavy; therefore they consume a large amount of volume and mass. The trees appear to be constructed from geometric shapes but also try to follow the form of nature in a more organic way. Since the two trees are a sculpture they are naturally 3D but their reflection caused by light shining on the stainless steel reminds us of their intricate details. The trees have a very strong gray monochromatic earth tone caused by the steel. A “Principle of Design” that Paine emphasizes is “Unity.” The trees are conjoined, rendering them as one, as a whole, they are in unison. The trees appear to be to scale when compared to the other trees in the park. They are not too small nor do the feel out of place. There is a strong emphasis near the middle of

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