Roy Adaptation Theory

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Running head: ROY’S ADAPTATION MODEL Nursing theory is an organized framework of concepts that are designed to guide nursing practice and provide a foundation for clinical decision-making. There are many different types of nursing theories. This present paper will focus on one of the Grand theories, the Roy Adaptation model (RAM). The paper is divided into four main sections focusing on the importance of the RAM; summary of key concepts; view of RAM on specialization; and conclusion. There has been an evolution of nursing practice from when Florence Nightingale started. Nurses used to take direct medical direction to an evolution of independence. Today, advanced practice nurses are PHD, DNP, researchers, nurse practitioners,…show more content…
The six steps include assessing behaviors, assessing and categorizing the stimuli, making a diagnosis, setting goals, implementing interventions, and evaluating achievement. Roy also emphasizes that the nurses should use their intuitive skills while assessing and initiating interventions. Roy’s adaptation theory has been used to perform nursing research for the past 35 years (Dobratz, 2008). The Boston Based Adaptation in Nursing Research Society (BBARNS) helped provide and validate the use of Roy adaptation model in nursing research. They helped identify over 163 studies of which 116 had links to the RAM process. As a consequence, this theory has been used world wide for research including holistic methods. I have practiced as a cardiology nurse for the past twenty years and I have seen the implementation of RAM. Roy’s theory can be applied to research pertaining to Cardiology patients. On example of this is patients suffering with heart failure. It is estimated that 5.1 million patients have heart failure and one in 9 will die from it ( Furthermore, more than half the patients > 65 years of age are readmitted with heart failure with in 6-months. This has started to place a significant burden on many health care organizations and
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