Roy G. Biv Character Analysis

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Roy G. Biv was the village’s most popular citizen. He came to be the most popular do to his generosity and helpfulness to the rest of the townsfolk. He was a joyful young man living with his wife, Joy in the small village of Spectrous. His wife, Joy really brought out the best of him and Roy wouldn't know what to do without her. Every single day Roy would help the townsfolk because he wanted to make the world a better place. He hoped that others would be influenced by his actions and help others around them too, and that really helped out the entire village. Roy wore clothes that he would make with his wife made up of multiple pieces of cloth that were sewn together. Each and every piece of clothing Roy wore was filled with a canvas of colors, his choice of style was very distinct and no one could match it. Some joked with him and called him crazy for wearing his unique fashion style. Later that day, Roy was called to the mayor's office, “Good afternoon Roy, it has come to my understanding that I will be choosing a new mayor this year and I want you to fill in for me.” “Roy, do you accept my position as mayor to give to you, you are in fact the town’s most trustworthy and helpful citizen in this entire village.”
“Um… I don't even know what to say,” Roy stuttered.
“It's okay, take your time.”
“Can you give me some time to think about it?”
“Of course, after all the position of a mayor is an extremely important jobs and a big responsibility, I get that you want to take your

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