Roy Hobbs: The Tragic Hero in “The Natural” by Bernard Malamud

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Discuss the figure of Roy Hobbs as a tragic hero. To what extent do his own flaws lead him to his fate? Does he display a kind of hubris like the characters in a Greek tragedy? Does he learn from his mistakes? The book “The Natural” talks mostly about the heroic acts of Roy Hobbs, his strength of not giving up his wish. The book is basically about the characters flaws that lead him to his fate. Hobbs wish was to become one of the most popular baseball players ever existed in history. He wanted to break any record that was ever existed in any record books, he wanted to be remembered in history forever. Hobbs meets Harriet Bird in the train who did not like his notion of becoming popular and shoots him in his upper body with a gun. One of…show more content…
Later in the book Hobbs suddenly falls ill and becomes unconscious .When he wakes up he finds himself lying in a hospital bed. The doctor explains to him that they found a bullet in his stomach and his stomach was in very serious condition and suggested he rest for a long period of time, but the doctor did not gave him the permission to play on. But he insisted to on playing his last game of the season. While he was in hospital Judge Banner visits him and threatens him by showing him picture of Hobbs and Harriet Bird lying on the ground full of blood and both unconscious. Judge Banner told him these pictures were taken by the police and gave him $35,000 in cash and told him not to play in the game. “Talk figures.” “Forty-five thousand for the season. We might also work out some small percentage on the gate.” “Twenty-five thousand for dropping the game is not enough,” said Roy. As he spoke an icicle of fright punctured his spine. The Judge scowled and drew on his half-gone cigar. “Thirty, “he said “and no more.”(202:7-12) Hobbs gave the money back to Judge Banner before playing and went on to play baseball. Unfortunately Hobbs was playing very poorly in the field because of his sickness, when Iris saw him playing badly she sent a short letter to Hobbs through the help of a security guard which read “I am pregnant with your kid so play for your kid.” After reading that message he was anxious and went to the field and played like a man. He

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