Roy Popkin: A Personal Essay

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Personal Essay It is always an adventure walking into a new class on the first day of school. No one ever knows what to expect from teachers. I always wonder if my teachers are going to be hard on us or if they will be the “cool” teacher that I never learn anything from. I wonder what kind of things I will learn. Learning is an opportunity to better ones self. Walking into English 099 I looked forward to gaining some college credit and knowledge along the way. At that point I wouldn't have been able to tell you what in the world a “wrighter" was. Now I am an avid apprentice learning the traits of forging a well developed paper. Without the tremendous growth I have encountered in my reading and writing skills I would never have been able…show more content…
This has helped me in my own reading because I now look for things like sentence structure. I find myself asking “what is the author trying to tell me with this sentence?” “Why is it so short?” “Why is it so long?” Then, when I am writing my own essays I can make that connection. If I want to make a sentence more impactful I can look back at how Roy Popkin achieved this in “Night Watch” with his sentence structure. Being able to make this sort of connection makes me and my writing stronger. It is also important for active readers to inspect the kind of vocabulary. Vocabulary gives the reader hints as to how they are ought to interpret the writing. If the writer uses fans or simple words it can indicate if the piece is directed at a younger or older audience, it helps with the flow of some writing. I try to remember this in my own writing, when directing my writing at adults looking at a scholarship entry verses to my peers. Similarly, a reader also should look at the writer’s tone, such as their word choice. The picture the writer’s word choice paints in the reader’s head helps to continue the development of their story. When it comes to my own writing, I have started to ask myself where I can add imagery. While looking for all of these things in other people’s writing and especially in professional writers work is difficult at times, it is much harder to…show more content…
I am able to dig into the writing more allowing an incredible draw of new meaning to form. Being able to simply read the bare story is no longer quite as enticing as really understanding what the writer wanted us (as readers) to understand. Reading has become much like art to me. At first glance a viewer can see the full picture and be satisfied or the viewer can take their time and find the hidden pictures within the over all picture that makes the art much more beautiful. Literature like art also has the power to alter the way an individual sees the outside world. It has the ability to give a sense of love, belonging, peace. It becomes even more
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