Roy Rogers

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Roy Rogers Restaurants is a fast-food franchise business owned by the Marriott Corporation. In the case, Roy Rogers was pursuing a strategy of aggressive growth through the licensing of independent franchises to operate its restaurant outlets. The Roy Rogers Restaurant system had a strategic mission that emphasized hamburger and chicken products, a family orientation, and a high price/high value perception. Competitors in the hamburger segment of the fast-food industry employed a number of strategies to prepare for the anticipated decline in hamburger demand. Most diversified their offerings with breakfast and developed new concepts such as drive-through-only units and home delivery. In addition to the anticipated decline in hamburger…show more content…
In addition, Roy Rogers’ mission addresses providing the high quality of food, service and atmosphere and extraordinarily friendly service. As a high price fast food restaurant, our customers expected more than food. A good atmosphere is significant important to our customer. If we get rid of the salad bar and replace it with six additional seats that may make our restaurants more crowd. We do not believe our customer prefer to eat in a place like that. Additionally, two of the Roy Rogers system’s unique features were its salad bar and its Fixin’s bar. It is a condiment bar located in the middle of the store at which customers could add different vegetables to their sandwiches. Roy Rogers is the only one to provide this service to the customer in fast food industry. The salad bar also is a value added item in our system. According to research and survey results, American consumers remained health conscious, they would require product offerings that were both convenient and nutritious. As we all known, salad is less calories and low fat. The vegetables in salad supplies different vitamins, which not only cooperate with each other in the nutritive processes, but they also cooperate with the minerals in the body. Therefore, there is an unavoidable trend about more and more consumers will choose salad as their meal. We believe the sales of salads will increase. Furthermore, salad bar helps us to provide customized
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