Roy Whitelaw Story

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Everyone needs someone to look up to, I personally look up to Roy Whitelaw, a cousin of mine. He is very special to me because he is very religious and has special values, such as gratefulness and devotion. One of his stories that inspires me the most is when he took a church with only five people and combined it with two other churches to create a thriving community within the church. Roy was born on November 20, 1928 to a family of six. He had two sisters and a brother. He went to Monessen High School and studied accounting at the Douglas Education Center. After studying there he and his fiance, Norma, got married. Then, he went to study at the Computer Programming Institute and worked at the Nabisco plant. Later, Roy and Norma moved to…show more content…
The first story is the church in a rural community in Minnesota. Before Roy started ministering at this church there were five people that attended. The closest church to this one was twenty miles south with roughly thirty-five people. He saw an opportunity to enhance the current community. Roy spoke with the minister of the church twenty miles away. They spoke and combined the two churches, held community events with all of the church-goers, and now had around forty people going to the combined church. He and the other minister would preach either together or do every other weekend. This is very inspiring to me because of how he took two separate churches and communities and combined them to make an even better one with parties, socials, and events. The second story and most inspirational to me is how he takes care of his wife. A couple years ago Norma, Roy’s wife had a brain tumor that had to be removed but at the cost of a part of the brain. After the procedure her memory was basically wiped out. She does remember things but only for about one day. I cannot imagine what it is like to have to help a person with a disability like this. First of all, Roy never complains about the situation and has a lot of patience to deal with to repeating ‘who’ or ‘what’ questions. He also puts all of his time and effort into taking care of her which doesn’t leave room for spare time. This takes many skills such as patience,
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