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A Critique of Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model Ashley Taylor Maryville University Roy’s Adaptation Model (RAM) is one of the most commonly used theories in nursing research and education for today’s modern nursing. It focuses on a person’s adaptation to his/her environment and guides nursing interventions in order to promote healthy adaptation. I chose the adaptation model because her model closely resembles my thoughts on nursing. The holistic approach and value on adaptation that RAM presents is one that closely aligns with my nursing philosophy. When reviewing and analyzing RAM, the Barnum critique is used in order to break down the model and interpret its weaknesses and strengths. “Barnum suggested that passing…show more content…
It has existed for over 35 years and is used for development of middle range and situation specific theories. In fact, RAM has been used for the basis of countless research studies over the years. It is the foundation for many education systems and continues be the framework for research (Meleis 2012). External Criticism Reality Convergence Roy believes that nurses can avoid extinction of the nursing profession by not allowing themselves to provide care based solely on the physiological mode. She believes that nurse need to continue providing care using a health care system that focuses on holistic care. “Society and health care professionals would agree that nursing deals with the physiological needs of the patient and the goal of adaptation” (Meleis, 2012, p.336). Roy’s model offers its systematic approach that allows nurses to have a guide to provide overall holistic care to patients. Utility RAM is an applicable, flexible and useful model can be used in different aspects of nursing research in a consistent manner. It has been the framework for nursing research, nursing education, and nursing development from the beginning of its existence. This model developed a six step process for nursing care, which is used in nursing practice throughout. The framework of this model continues to generate many testable hypotheses to be researched. To date, it has been used in countless studies. Significance

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