Royal Arts Of African Art

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Royal Arts of Africa show traditional work from the most historic tribal civilizations. Throughout centuries, African Art has enriched royal stature, authenticated noble influence, and honored past and present rulers. The Kom of northwest Cameroon, included in these historic tribal civilizations, molded statues symbolizing their very own royal families and prestige attendants of their kings’. The “Royal Figure” is a prime example of this kind of artwork that has lived through the Kom Kingdom’s history. This piece is constructed out of multiple mediums including wood, Indigo beads, raffia cloth, and iron, but beneath these materials lies a much deeper meaning. Symbolism, daily functions, history, and culture were all brought forward when…show more content…
Simply a smooth round surface lies within the eye socket. They are in the shape of footballs with a distinct eyelid surrounding them entirely, and a rigid eye brow structure is placed directly over the top. The forehead gracefully goes upward from the brow without a single crease, and it slightly rounds outward. The nose is perpendicular to the eyes, beginning where they meet in the middle. It is overly thin on the brim, protruding greatly from the face. Two half circles flare out at the lower tip of the nose with openings at the bottom to resemble nostrils. Directly below this, two almost rectangular shaped characters emerge from the face, exactly where a pair of lips would sit. There is a deep gap between the two to give it the image of a mouth. Directly below the face, a long, slender neck flows into the man’s body, which is entirely covered in beads. His neck has three horizontal stripes of altering bead colors: brass, gold, brass. The neck sits at the center of his straight across, broad shoulders, where a triangular neck piece drapes down, covering his chest. The center area, below the neck, is covered with gold beads, while the area surrounding it is covered in indigo beads that follow the triangular shape of the neck piece. His arms are shaped like cylinders extending straight down from the outer edge of his shoulders. Here, the beads flow in a vertical direction. The two arms bend at the side of the figure’s waist, and

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