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Case Study: The Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Executive Summary
Today, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is one of the biggest banking institutions with its capabilities to provide world-class services whilst maintaining its reputation as a top financial services provider in the banking industry. Its leadership in this market is remarkable, and so are the ways the bank’s governing body has been able to manage the complexities, challenges and changes that come with the industry.
Understanding that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has recently undertaken a series of changes, this report provides an outlook of the approaches RBS has taken to manage those changes. This report also includes the assessment of the success that RBS has
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RBS is also known for its ability to create management roles and organization structures. In fact, it has become one major component of its expansion. RBS was remarkable in its acquisition strategy, especially in the nineteenth and twentieth century (House of Commons Treasury Committee 2009, p.18). By then, RBS was already renowned as a “a leading banking partner to major corporations and financial institutions around the world, providing an extensive range of debt financing, risk management and investment services to its customers” (The Royal Bank of Scotland 2012).
HR management and policies are other important approaches RBS was actively implementing before and continuing at present with refinements based on the current market needs. Such of these include major adjustments such as being quick to adopt major changes. At present, RBS is quick to employ strengthening of its employee relations by making sure the right reward goes to the right person. This strategy creates a certain form of motivation that does not only promote quality, but substantial form of quantity at the same time.
Finally, RBS has the ability to make use of the adoption of existing opportunities from its external environment. In 2007, RBS was quick to adopt new technology for the hope of delivering high customer value and increase profitability.
Evaluating RBS success with emancipated changes The success of RBS with initiating changes lies on its level of control obtained for
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