Royal Canadian Air Force Evaluation System

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As a junior supervisor in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), I spent a lot of time evaluating and developed my subordinates to become capable leaders and an effective member of the team. Our evaluation system primarily focuses on ranking each member’s performance and leadership potential, both of which are incredibly valuable in a fast-paced and ever changing environment. But the evaluation system fails to identify the traits that makes up who we are as a person and how or if we are interact with others. As such, I don’t have many opportunities to introspect since I am also evaluated by my performance and leadership styles. I look forward to learning more about myself, and become a stronger individual at the end of the semester.

I wasn’t surprised to see that Habit 1 (be proactive) was my highest self-assessed habit. It was not until my mid twenty’s until I was able to focus on what I want to achieve in life, and thus I began laying down the groundworks to get there. In my late teen years, I didn’t do well in school and I simply assumed that was not “smart enough”. Looking back now I see that I did not put in the effort into
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During one of the group presentation I witnessed in year on, I was informed me that I was part of the millennial generation and that the student and I share many common traits (I was born in ’83, therefore generation Y). However, I sometime have a hard time understanding seeing eye to eye with some of the students nor do I know how to reach out to some of them as they often hide behind a computer screen or their cell phone. My goals to improve this habit is to learn more about the goals they have set for themselves and see past the social media and get to know who they are on a personal level, and not through another social media means e.g.
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