Royal Philips Has A Long Standing And Rich History

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Royal Philips
Laure Santiago
Palm Beach State College

This paper was written to research Royal Philips. In the research we will find that Royal Philips has a long-standing and rich history. We will discuss the diverse products that Philips has invented over the last one-hundred and twenty-five years. Competitor information, industry and market segment will be topics that are addressed in detail. The organizations financials will be provided. A SWOT analysis will be conducted and the strengths and weaknesses of the company will be presented. And finally, recommendations based on information from the company’s SWOT analysis will be revealed.
Chapter 1: Research Proposal and Introduction
Overview The research conducted will provide information about the history of Royal Philips, the diversification of the company and its products since the company’s founding in 1891. The family founded company has a long standing commitment to innovation and progress. I will discuss the history of the company, some of their many products, and their competitors. A problem that the organization has been having will be discussed. And, finally, a question and a hypothesis are stated. Reason for the paper The reason for this research paper on Royal Philips is to identify a problem that is facing the organization and through research and analysis. Researching all areas of the company gives a better understanding of the ethics, financial state, industry and market…

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