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The Royal Selangor Pewter: STP Strategy and Marketing Mix.
(Written by: Wong Eu Jun of DIA201204.)

Founded by a man named Yong Koon in 1885, Royal Selangor Pewter is a Malaysian pewter manufacturer-retailer which has since become the largest global brand leader in the line of pewter objects manufacturing and a prominent one in the metal craft industry. It is also recognized as a very highly celebrated Malaysian brand icon because of the success that it has gained throughout more than a century of existence. Looking at what Royal Selangor has done, it is needless to say that Royal Selangor has expanded its product range beyond mere pewter objects to a broader variety such as certain glassware and jewelry. Due to the fact that Royal
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Moreover, Royal Selangor also forges rather good entrepreneur ties with sports organizations like Formula 1 by manufacturing their trophies. This is an example that clearly tells us that organizations like Formula 1 are also part of the target market of Royal Selangor. In this circumstance, Royal Selangor fulfills the need of Formula 1 to have a pewter trophy made for a grand prix.

Moving on to how Royal Selangor positions itself, it is without doubt that in the Royal Selangor sets itself apart as being the leader of its industry. This is why Royal Selangor is able to attract its buyers because they already know that Royal Selangor is second to none in the metal craft industry. Furthermore, Royal Selangor incorporates very unique designs and excellent craftsmanship in their products. This is the reason Royal Selangor allows itself to be ingrained in the minds of its customers that it is the top pewter objects manufacturer that produces the best pewter objects and other accessories. Secondly, the international reputation of Royal Selangor as a brand that has catered to notable figures is also possibly a reason why the affluent are willing to buy its products. This could have created a mindset psychologically because people are going to believe that Royal Selangor is a brand that has been used by people of celebrity-like status.

Marketing Mix and the 4P’s:

Considering the fact that Royal Selangor has

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