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R.P. is a 74-year-old married Caucasian female that is a homemaker that lives at home with her husband. Reason for her care is due to a recent fractured left hip and left wrist. She stated that she slipped on a rug in her home and landed on her left side. R.P. reports pain being 10/10 and sharp and radiates all over body stating, “even the slightest touch of skin hurts so much”. It all began a few minutes after the fall. Pain is alleviated with narcotics (hydromorphone and morphine) and immobilization.
According to R.P. she is allergic to sulfa (thrush), eggs, Allegra (cramps) and Penicillin (GI upset. Her past medical history consists of hypothyroidism, chronic sinusitis, endometrial cancer and a mitral valve prolapse. The conditions that required hospitalization was a surgical removal of the ovaries and a hysterectomy in year of 2006. R.P. also had surgery on the right elbow and an appendectomy, but was unable to recall the year. The medications that she is currently taking are levothyroxine, Claritin, Singular, Prilosec and propranolol. R.P. is currently up-to-date with immunizations of Td/Tdap in 2016 and vaccinations of pneumococcal 11/2016. Client refused influenza vaccine.
To R.P., being
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is the middle child of two other sisters. Both have a history of hypertension, with the oldest having severe allergies. Their father passed away from cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 72; while their mother alive and has a history of colitis, migraines, and asthma. Currently, R.P. husband is 78 and is healthy, with the same for their children age 38 and 41 years old. She is an active mother and wife. While spending majority of her time traveling and attending golf tournaments with her spouse. When she is not doing so, she is out spending time with her friends and family. R.P. involves her husband in every aspect of her care and decision making. She does not partake in any drugs or tobacco, with some occasional alcohol. She is very family
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