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Resilient Packet Ring Technology 1 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background: The nature of the public network has changed. Demand for Internet Protocol (IP) data is growing at a compound annual rate of between 100% and 800%1, while voice demand remains stable. What was once a predominantly circuit switched network handling mainly circuit switched voice traffic has become a circuit-switched network handling mainly IP data. Because the nature of the traffic is not well matched to the underlying technology, this network is proving very costly to scale. User spending has not increased proportionally to the rate of bandwidth increase, and carrier revenue growth is stuck at the lower end of 10% to 20% per year. The result is that carriers…show more content…
Ring topology is a natural match for SONET-based TDM networks that constitute the bulk of existing metro network infrastructure. However, there are well-known disadvantages to using SONET for transporting data traffic (or point-to-point SONET data solutions, like Packet over SONET [POS]). SONET was designed for point-to-point, circuit-switched applications (e.g. voice traffic), and most of limitations stem from these origins. Here are some of the disadvantages of using SONET Rings for data transport: 2.1.1 Fixed Circuits: SONET provisions point-to-point circuits between ring nodes. Each circuit is allocated a fixed amount of bandwidth that is wasted when not used. For the SONET network that is used for access in Figure 2 (left), each node on the ring is allocated only one quarter of the ring’s total bandwidth (say, OC-3 each on an OC-12 ring). That fixed allocation puts a limit on the maximum burst traffic data transfer rate between endpoints. This is a disadvantage for data traffic, which is inherently bursty. Department Of Computer Engineering, MCERC, Nashik. Resilient Packet Ring Technology 4 2.1.2 Waste of Bandwidth for Meshing: If the network design calls for a logical mesh, (right), the network designer must divide the OC-12 of ring bandwidth into 10 provisioned circuits. Provisioning the circuits necessary to create a logical mesh over a SONET Ring is not only difficult but also results in extremely inefficient use of ring bandwidth. As the amount of
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