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International Marketing (MKT09901) Category | % allocated | Overview of the company, portfolio and any recent international activity and its trading environment. You need to give some background information on the company involved as well as its portfolio - discuss the product/service portfolio using the BCG matrix and whether or not it is a standardised product/service/concept. Porter’s Generic Strategies (Porter, 1980) may be used to highlight the company’s strategy. Outline the countries and trading blocs the company operates in. You may wish to highlight this on a map. All information must be referenced according to Harvard style referencing. At this stage, the chosen product/service as well as the new country can…show more content…
| 30 | Market research of the new potential market/country The lecture material can pose as a guide to the contents of this section. A good framework is by Reid (2014) or Doole and Lowe (2012) in terms of the four criteria of a country. Please refer to lecture notes on the slides as a guide. Accessibility - Can the company gain access without having to handle significant tariff barriers, corruption, enforced partnerships or variable government regulations? Market size - What are the exchange rates, currency regulations, state of the economy, and distribution of wealth. Is this a favourable situation? Profitability – Carry out an assessment of the current market size, recent history and evidence of future potential growth or decline. If little demand exists at present what is the potential for emerging demand? Competition (this can be linked to the Porter’s 5 force analysis) – Is the competition existing, latent or incipient. Identify potential strategy from the Doole and Lowe, 2012 (framework) for the product/new market. You may also want to assess the attractiveness of the market using the Four Risk Matrix, Business Portfolio Matrix (Harrell and Kiefer, 1993) or the 12 C framework (Doole and Lowe, 2012) to summarise the country, customers and markets. | 30 | Recommendations and Conclusion Based on all of the previous analysis, you

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