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RSM100 Required Readings Summaries Nov. 23 - The Discipline of Teams * Teams and good performance are inseparable * Teamwork represent a set of values that encourage listening and responding constructively to views expressed by others * Group work is NOT same as team * Working-group focuses on individual goals * strong, clearly focused leader * group’s purpose = organizational mission * individual work product * efficient meetings * measured by influence on others (ex. financial performance) * discusses, decides, delegates * Teams require both individual and mutual accountability * Shared leadership roles * Specific team purpose that differs from mission…show more content…
Planning and budgeting | 1. Setting a direction | 2. Organizing and staffing | 2. Aligning people | 3. Controlling and problem solving | 3. Motivating and inspiring | 1) Setting a direction vs. planning and budgeting a. Setting a direction is more inductive (through patterns, data) i. Important for short/long-term goal setting b. Planning works best as a complement for direction setting 2) Aligning vs. Staffing c. Aligning: getting people to understand a vision, which leads to empowerment ii. Clear target, same direction d. Management is more about “organizing” people; structure, training, incentives 3) Motivating vs. Controlling e. Motivation: energizes people satisfies basic human needs iii. Sense of achievement, recognition, involvement iv. Coaching, feedback v. Reward Informal Relations are important help coordinate leadership activities. Well-led businesses tend to recognize and reward people who successfully develop leaders. Nov. 9 – Integrative Thinking: Choices, conflict and the creative spark Feature story: Michael Lee-chin’s crisis of whether or not to sell AIC’s stocks (as he supported them for many years) when they were falling dramatically. He then decided to purchase many of one stock, Mackenzie Financial Group, one of AIC’s major

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