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University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Science and Rotman School of Management RSM 260H1S – Organizational Behaviour Duration: 110 minutes Aids allowed: one aid sheet (front side only of an 8.5”x11” piece of paper) Paper foreign language dictionary for international students Please answer all questions in this exam. Answers to the multiple choice questions need to be filled in on the scantron sheets (remember to use pencil to fill in the circles) and also circled on the exam itself. Answers to the short answer questions should go in the exam booklet provided. All three components (scantron sheets, exam booklets, paper copy of exam) should be turned in at the conclusion of the exam. This exam consists of 25 multiple…show more content…
D) How to get people to think and act in exactly the same way as everyone else. [what is OB? (p. 5-6)] E) How to get people to practice effective teamwork. 2. The contingency approach to management suggests that A) the best management style depends on the size of the organization. B) management style makes no difference. C) management styles are constantly changing. D) one management style should work for all individuals. E) management style depends on the demands of the situation. [contingency (p.14)] 3. An individual’s personality encompasses A) a relatively stable set of psychological characteristics. [definition (p.40)] B) all aspects of the individual's physical and emotional response to their environment. C) behaviours which are mostly learned through childhood experience. D) a constantly shifting set of personal characteristics. E) all aspects of the individual's consciousness. 4. Janet has shown her boss how effective she is on the job because she is naturally curious about what is happening with her company, has broad interests and has a vibrant imagination. She is demonstrating great A) emotional stability. B) willingness to get along with everyone. C) reluctance to work long hours. D) openness to experience. [definition (p.42)] E) focus on getting promoted and is highly ambitious. 5. Extraversion is especially important for jobs that require A) low interpersonal interaction and

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