Rst 199: Practice Plan #1

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Practice Plan #1 • Description • For my team that will participate in the practice, it will consist of 12 athletes will little, to no, experience regarding the game of wheelchair basketball. The participants will be college students between the ages of 18-21, with 3 individuals encompassing each category (3 players with a level one classification, 3 players with a level two classification, and so on up to level four). As it relates to the actual practice, this will be taking place during the pre-season, as the athletes must become acquainted with the general knowledge and specifics of the game before more in-depth exercises can be configured. The practice will involve almost all aspects crucial to understanding the game, in which the…show more content…
I would have the participants weave in-and-out of the cones, from one end of the court to the other. To finish, after weaving through the cones, I would have them race back down the court at the fastest rate of speed possible, in order to simulate a “break-away” scenario. Each athlete would complete this exercise five times in order to continue warming up their muscles, and become comfortable handling their wheelchair. The key aspect that I would identify would be the positioning of the athletes hands on the wheels of the chair, pushing from a 12 o’clock position to 3 o’clock (envision a clock), maximizing their speed and thrust. • Dribbling activity: 15 minutes o Next, I would have the athletes work on dribbling, a crucial aspect to the game which requires attention to detail. We would begin with simple exercises, such as “big and small dribbles”, while at rest, which would get the participants acquainted with controlling the basketball while in their wheelchairs. I would then have them slowly move down the court while dribbling the basketball, making it a point to retain possession of the ball as turnovers can truly take a team out of the game. After becoming more comfortable with dribbling while moving, I would have the athletes steadily increase their speed to simulate real game situations. A key point

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