Rt1310 Unit 1 Research Paper

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If your home network needs an upgrade, then the Asus RT-N66U wireless-N900 router could be what you're looking for. Deservedly nicknamed the "Dark Knight", this sharp black router does much more than just look good. Asus packed this router with a feature set that makes other routers in it's price range pale in comparison. A combination of superior hardware and feature packed yet easily setup software puts tons of networking power at your fingertips.

The N900 in Wireless-N900 means that the RT-N66U can reach up to 900 Mbps using the Wireless-N wireless standard. That wireless standard type works over the traditional 2.4 GHz frequency as well as the less crowded 5GHz bands. Fortunately, the Asus RT-N66U is a dual-band router, meaning it can work
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This allows you to share centrally stored files to all of your connected computers easily. It also makes sharing a printer much easier than transfering everything to one computer as a gateway.

Asus included impressive management software that allows you to fine tune and optimize your connection settings right in your browser. Quality Of Service (QoS) is a form of traffic shaping that allocates amounts of bandwidth for different purposes. What this means is the movie streaming on one computer won't start buffering because someone started downloading a large file. The different types of traffic can only use the amount of bandwidth you specify.

The Asus designed administration dashboard also allows the RT-N66U to be configured with a VPN for added security and privacy. There are several tools for diagnostics and monitoring as well for both optimization and security testing. Easy to read graphs and logs make tweaking and optimizing very intuitive. Any adjustment that affects the connection will clearly be displayed in real time. Traffic monitoring tools offer multiple views into how your bandwidth is being
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