Rtd Fruit Drinks-Category Attractiveness Analysis Essay

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C515 RTD Fruit Drinks-Case Analysis 2 Category Attractiveness Analysis Group 4 * Customer needs and behavior * 100% juiced product in bottle form * Plastic bottles-enter vending market segment? * Sugar Free (I don’t know same as diet?) * Snapple + Energy product * Powder form to add to bottled water * Low calorie option (pretty low already 100-120 calories)/low carb * Large carton option in more flavors * Market or market segment size and growth rate Market Potential * Units (in liters): *use market volume from datamonitor report pg. 11? * Revenue: *use market value table from datamonitor report pg. 10? * Number of prospective customers: ??? * Market…show more content…
For example, consumers are increasingly concerned about health and wellness, and demand for regular CSDs has decreased as consumers have shifted towards low or no calorie soft drinks and, increasingly, to NCBs, such as water, ready-to-drink teas and sports drinks. If we do not effectively anticipate these trends and changing consumer preferences, then quickly develop new products in response, our sales could suffer. Developing and launching new products can be risky and expensive. We may not be successful in responding to changing markets and consumer preferences, and some of our competitors may be better able to respond to these changes, either of which could negatively affect our business and financial performance. Economic Political Legal-We are subject to a variety of federal, state and local laws and regulations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and other countries in which we do business. These laws and regulations apply to many aspects of our business including the manufacture, safety, labeling, transportation, advertising and sale of our products. See "Regulatory Matters" in Item 1, "Business," of this Annual Report on Form 10-K for more information regarding many of these laws and regulations. Violations of these laws or regulations in the manufacture, safety, labeling, transportation and advertising of our products could damage our reputation
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