Rti And An Rti Model Essay

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RtI Paper

In writing this paper the author will provide her research information about on three terms UDL RTI, and what is MTSS? And expand on answering these seven questions: What role do you think the special education teacher plays in these models? What role do you think the general education teacher plays in these models? What are some of the different ways a school can structure all three of these models? What are some of the best practices or methodologies that should be applied to an RTI model? What are some of the difficulties that schools might encounter when they begin an RTI model? ‘What is your vision for the future of UDL MTSS and RTI? Lastly, how is a referral for special education different for a student who was involved in the RTI model, versus a school without this model? First, I will begin with the term UDL is characterized and defined as a set of principles and techniques for use in the classroom and the design of accessible instructional materials. At its core is the assertion that when instructors increase the number of learning options for students, everyone benefits. Under UDL, we are given a basic overview of the three principles: Presentation, Expression and Engagement. Under UDL are 3 Principles for Learning and providing multiple resources of each one usage: Presentation is used to offer learners various ways of acquiring information and knowledge. Expression is used to provide students alternatives for demonstrating what they know.
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