Rti Is A Major Aspect Of Education

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RTI stands for Response to Intervention. It is being implemented in many schools now, and therefore is an important aspect for teaching candidates to understand. Response to intervention allows teachers the chance to intervene in children’s education before they fall farther behind in school. RTI is a major aspect of education today. It assists the teachers in identifying issues before they become major issues in education. RTI impacts many areas of the children’s educational experience. It not only can be used to fix academic issues, but also behavioral issues. There are three tiers (levels) to RTI. Tier one includes all students in the general education classroom. These children are following a vigorous curriculum that gives them a high quality education. The children who are on tier one are following the classroom curriculum with no problems. All students start off in this tier. The children are given assessments that assist the teachers in ensuring that their students are learning the proper materials and are able to comprehend the lesson taught to them. “It is believed that most students (80%) in the general classroom will make adequate progress with the support of high-quality instruction, differentiated instruction, or some forms of accommodations in the general classroom” (Kuo, 2014, p611). Tier two is incorporated into tier one. Tier two involved children that need a little bit of extra help with some activities. For example, some students struggle with reading
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