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RTI/MTSS: Teacher Interview This is a very important component in education to be aware of and when you are a teacher. I interviewed a first-grade teacher at my local elementary school to gain more information about the processes that our local schools go through for professional training, interventions, and in the classroom to ensure that students are developing their abilities in reading. My main focus was on what our school’s process was, how support is given, professional training offered, and what more is needed to be done to increase success for students. The School’s Process The school that this teacher works within is an accredited school with less than normal struggling students when it comes to reading. However, it does not…show more content…
She is able to meet more students’ needs than she would be working one-on-one. She also creates reading stations and activities that will support their development as well where there are support activities that are specific to those guided reading groups. She evaluates students each nine weeks through PALS, a phonological awareness assessment, to see their growth along with problem areas that still exist. They also do Fundations as part of their curriculum to help students, but wishes she had more time to use this system with students. When asked about how this impacts her instruction and instructional time, she said greatly. She alters most everything for each student and group that they are working and developing at his or her level and pace. She mentions that it can be difficult to meet all of the student’s needs with just her in the classroom and only 15 minutes a day with the support staff for their grade. However, she has seen great improvement with students as the year went on. She mentioned that two students came into the class with little phonetic awareness and alphabet awareness and should have been held back in kindergarten. However, she has gotten them to the point of being almost at a first grade level within the classroom and hopes that they will be there before the year is over. They will probably continue to struggle, unfortunately, but there is little that she can do other than support them, teach them, and develop those

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