Rti / Sti Among Adolescent Women Essay

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The objective of this study is to Knowledge about RTI/STI among adolescent married women, Prevalence of RTI/STI among adolescent women and Treatment seeking behaviour among adolescent women. Data has been taken from DLHS-RCH SURVEY-II (2002-2004)-Reproductive and child health Project. Statistical analysis was performed by the means of SPSS. Bivariate tables with respect to the percentage of awareness of RTI/STI and prevalence of RTI/STI according to background variables was prepared. Logistic regression analysis has been applied to find out the probability of a women exposed to the risk of RTI/STI according to background variables. Main findings: RTI/STI is a common problem among married adolescent women in India. The present study has tried to look into various factors that might have contributed to adolescent women (age 15-19 years) risk of exposure to RTI/STI. To see the prevalence and treatment seeking behaviour among adolescent women, Reproductive tract infection has been categorized into two parts- Upper tract infection and lower tract infection. It is evident from the result that the knowledge about RTI/STI is much higher among literate adolescent women (41 percent) in comparison to illiterate adolescent women (33 percent) in India. There is no rural-urban differential in knowledge of RTI/STI. Seventy-nine percent of married adolescent were reported that they have heard about RTI/STI through friends and relatives. Study also reveals that there exists a high prevalence

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