Rtt Task1 Essay

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1

Western Governors University

Nursing-Sensitive Indicators

Nursing sensitive indicators reflect the structure, process and outcomes of nursing care. The structure of nursing care is indicated by the supply of nursing staff, the skill level of the nursing staff, and the education/certification of nursing staff. Process indicators measure aspects of nursing care such as assessment, intervention, and RN job satisfaction. Patient outcomes that are determined to be nursing sensitive are those that improve if there is a greater quantity or quality of nursing care. ("Nursing world," 2013) Having knowledge of these indicators
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(“Nursing Sentinel,” 2011)

Quality Patient Care

Keeping data on specific nursing sensitive indicators and making that information available to staff, would help raise awareness of the issues that need to be addressed. With the documented information provided it could empower the staff in patient safety and quality improvement efforts, something they have a direct impact on. By educating staff to be aware of potential issues it would help advance quality patient care. In this current case, pressure ulcers, the use of restraints and patient/family satisfaction could have been handled in a better way to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. It’s possible that restraints might have not been necessary, the pressure ulcer may have been prevented and the patient and family would have felt that their needs were being met, and not neglected.

System Resources, Referrals, or Colleagues

In the hospital environment there are several resources for the nurse to partner with to address nursing sensitive indicators and ethical issues that may arise. In this scenario, to help resolve the issue with meal trays a partnership with dietary could be made to come with an appropriate solution for the correct delivery at meal time. The nurse could have brought this information forward and apologized to the patient and his daughter rather than trying to keep it quiet. The nursing supervisor
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