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Organizational Systems & Quality Leadership RTT1 Task 1 Willem Botha Western Governors University Texas Nursing-sensitive indicators consist out of three categories that include the following: Structure, process and outcome. Structure refers to the organizational aspect of nursing that is made up of staffing levels; experience vs inexperience; educational levels or the make-up staffing at any point on the unit or facility. The Process is aspect of policies and procedures at the facility and Outcomes are determined when greater levels of nursing care and quantity are involved with better patient outcomes (ANA, 2015). Nursing-Sensitive Indicators The scenario paints a picture of multiple areas that should be approved on and…show more content…
Data can be collected on multiple ways, from the point of medical care and patient satisfaction. The scenario points to pressure ulcers and the use of restraints, in both situations I believe that there was a fundamental lack of knowledge by the staff and disconnect by management. Data should be collected on pressure ulcers, this is easily provided by conducting audits and creating a Skin Champion position, as is the case in my hospital, that is filled by a nurse that creates educational documents, conducts audits on the use of Braden scale and following up with Wound Care staff. Changes in healthcare, as in any business, usually starts when there is a direct impact on financial reimbursement, and the formation of new pressure ulcers on inpatient care places the cost on the facility and not Medicare or Medicaid (Medscape, 2015). The audits should provide management with enough data to track ulcer formation, this will drive education, change in nursing attitude towards use of restraints, improve patient satisfaction and improve reimbursements to the facility. Analysis of Actions The nursing supervisor has multiple issues to address in this scenario, the use of restraints and formation of a pressure ulcer are of a great concern, but I believe these are easily rectified with training and follow-up audits to ensure

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