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RTT1 TASK 1 In this scenario several hospital employees provide care for a 72 year-old male retired rabbi patient. The patient was admitted with a broken hip, he is restrained and during his stay he was given the wrong meal tray. Nursing-sensitive indicators such as pressure ulcers and patient satisfaction will be addressed. These indicators can be addressed and measured by the hospital through collecting data pertaining to pressure ulcer prevention and Press Ganey scores for patient satisfaction. The ethical issue of the wrong food tray will be addressed by using the appropriate referrals and resources. Nursing-Sensitive Indicators A CNA is called into the patients’ room to assist the patient to the bathroom, when the…show more content…
System Resources, Referrals, or Colleagues As shift supervisor I would contact our hospitals ethics committee. I believe the ethics committee can help to resolve the issue of the hospital having multiple complaints against them on the handling of Jewish kosher trays. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue I would ask the ethics committee to have a family meeting with dietary, the nursing manager and nurse involved to discuss why and how the dietary requests of the family were mishandled. I would recommend the hospital along with the employees involved to apologize for not being compassionate. Showing the patients family that we are taking this seriously and we are devoted to continue to follow up on educating staff all cultural and religious beliefs. Conclusion In conclusion when nursing sensitive indicators are addressed, evaluated, and the appropriate outcomes challenged and changed to meet patient care, quality-nursing care is reached (Fosco, 2012). Protocols are set in place and nurses are educated on how to follow through which benefits the hospital in the long run. Hospitals that are in need of higher patient satisfaction scores should use Press Ganey or comment cards. Striving for higher scores means educating care team staff to follow through on protocols for Braden Scale. Listening to patients and patient family complaints and

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