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RTT1 Task 3 Juanita Mortensen Western Governors University RTT1 Task 3 A1. Country comparison The healthcare systems of Switzerland and the United States are quite similar in some aspects and vastly different in others. In Switzerland, the healthcare is universal and available to all. It is provided by private individual insurance companies and subsidized by the government when needed. Basic health insurance is required to be purchased within 3 months of residency or after birth and is an individual’s choice as to what carrier they choose. Of course, there are exceptions to this mandate but they are very few.("Healthcare in Switzerland," “n.d.”, para. 1) Because of this requirement, 99.5% of the population in Switzerland has…show more content…
Part of the reason is that there are many different healthcare plans that are very different in price and coverage with each insurance provider. There is not a set price on a basic health plan and the definition of a basic health plan is different with each provider. In addition, the supplemental plans are government run Medicare and Medicaid. The consumer is not allowed to buy into the government plans. They have to meet certain requirements to be eligible for these benefits. The government does have a set price on procedures and treatments but the hospitals and doctors can have additional charges incurred not covered by the government set price. The consumer then has to pay for the additional charges A2. Healthcare Access The healthcare access for children, unemployed, and the retired is quite different. In Switzerland, children are required to be insured within 3 months of birth. Their parents can insure them with a different provider than themselves.("The Swiss Healthcare System," “n.d.”, para. 2) In the United States, children are “supposed” to be insured due to the Affordable Care Act but once again, it is optional whether the parents will. They can insure the child or pay a fine. (, 2016, para. 2) If the child is insured it is usually through the parent’s insurance. After birth the parents can add their child onto their insurance policy. This is only done if the parents call the

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