Rttls Unit 1 Assignment

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• By doing Module 1 of this course I had opportunity to think about my career as a teacher. In order for me to improve learners’ learning I have to create for them appropriate environment using different teaching strategies in which every learner feels respected and safe. Learners need to know that learning has a purpose and what they are learning it is relevant to their lives. Also it is important to provide them with feedback regarding their progress on what they are trying to achieve, how far they are from the goal that was set. And how to achieve all I have to keep on trying new things and improving teaching skills. The actual teaching, classes I attended for this course gave me opportunity to better myself as a teacher. I learned about teaching principals from our teaching classes, later applied my knowledge in my actual teaching practice and also learned about teaching ideas through the web. From all these I understood that my development as a teacher should never end because teaching is a part of a life-long…show more content…
Another impact of the new learning that I will follow in Module 1 that I will follow is as a teacher I need to make sure that the lesson is interesting and all the learners involved in carrying out the
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