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Health history of a patient is an important tool in identifying health issues and devising efficient interventions to address them. Hence, health providers can use health history information to diagnose, treat and plan for the care of the patients (Ball et al., 2006). In that light, we will focus on the patient named BB for purposes of privacy and confidentiality. BB is a 70-year-old Caucasian female. The patient resides and recently just moved to Show Low, Arizona. She is married and operates her business with the help of her husband. The interview was conducted at her home in Show Low, Arizona. More importantly, the patient's consent was sought before this meeting and she was assured of the confidentiality of the information shared…show more content…
Ear The patient stated suffering several ear infections during her childhood. As a result, she states she has developed occasional ringing in her ears, but she reports that it does not distract her hearing. Health Promotion: Patient regularly cleans the ears with Q-tip cotton swabs, and avoids any exposure to any environmental noise hazards. Head Patient states that she has had no head injuries, past or present. Patient states she has never suffered from vertigo or dizziness. BB states that she rarely suffers from generalized headaches. Patient avoids taking pain relievers of any kind when she does present with head pain. Nails Patient states that she has never had an issue with circulation and in demonstration of what a capillary refill test is, patient proved that her capillary refill is that of less than 3 seconds. Patient states that her nails suffer from brittleness and dryness during the winter months (Hogan & Ricci, 2011). Health Promotion: Patient maintains a healthy lifestyle by staying away from direct sunlight and washes hair and body daily with a mild moisturizing soap and shampoo as well as she states that she applies moisturizer as needed. Hair Patient states that she keeps her hair short, and that she washes it and conditions it daily. Skin BB’s skin presents as pink, warm and dry. No obvious signs or symptoms of abnormal bruising or lesions present however, the patient states that the skin has of late has

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