Rubber Grommets

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The shapes of the rubber grommets:
1 through-hole rubber grommets (it is the most popular rubber grommets)
2. oval rubber grommets
3. blind-hole rubber grommets

The materials we used in making rubber grommets:
SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR and Silicone. Hardness from 35 to 80 shore A. The most popular material is SBR 65+/-5 Shore A. For special purpose rubber grommets, such as good aging, high temperature resistance….. silicone rubber is a better choice.

The application of rubber grommets:
The rubber grommets are stuck in the metal or plastic plate, the purpose is to protect the wires, hose or pipes through a panel hole.

All our rubber grommets are RoHS compliant. UL94-V0 materials are also available.

How to find suitable rubber grommets:
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