Rubbish Bawling Research Paper

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A mother, digging for cans and plastic to sell, wipes the sweat running down her face. The drops finish as they fall into the dirt and rubbish masking the ground. Her black and unkempt hair is tangled into a bun, with a straw sunhat atop her head, in an attempt to shield her sunburned face. Where did she find the old rags covering her frail body? She frees a pair of torn children’s jeans, from the mountains of garbage, and shoves them in a bag at her side.
The mother’s infant sobs for food, and as a result the bawling brings a wave of sorrowful and provoked faces to attention. A hot sour stench fills her lungs, a toxic aroma that brings one’s hands to their nose for protection. The scenery of broken building and broken people breaks hearts
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