Rubbish Has No Value. Identify the Arguments for and Against This View.

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In 1983/84, the average amount of household rubbish per person per year in England was 397 kilograms (Defra, 2007), in the following years, this increased and by 2006/07, this figure had grown by 28 percent to 508 kilograms. This trend has been explained by the growing affluence of the general person and their greater amount of disposable income, which is then being spent on luxury products. As a result, more and more waste is being generated each year; this essay will explore the arguments around whether this ever increasing amount of rubbish has any value.
One line of reasoning is that rubbish does not have value, or at least has very little in relation to its starting value. This can be explained by examining Thompson’s Rubbish Theory
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Another argument which can be used to demonstrate the value of rubbish is with regards to environmental concerns. In recent years, rubbish has been placed into landfill sites, where the items of waste can take hundreds of years to degrade, or disposed of in incinerators, thereby releasing harmful gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. However, in understanding the value of our environment we can revalue this rubbish, we see it not as something to be simply discarded, but to be reused and recycled. Between April 2010 and March 2011, the rate of recycling in England increased to an all-time-high of 41.2% (The Guardian, 2011); this suggests that although not all rubbish is considered valuable by everyone, the level of value we attach to rubbish is on the rise due to the increase in importance that we are attributing to our environment. Perhaps at a time when we, as a global community, are recycling one hundred percent of our waste it would be possible to say that the statement, ‘rubbish has no value,’ is completely inaccurate.
Before denouncing the opening statement, rubbish has no value, as incorrect, it must be understood that, for the time at least, the value of rubbish is entirely dependent upon the context in which it exists. Whilst a mobile phone which is outdated may be useless and

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