Rubbish Pollution

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INTRODUCTION During the recent periods of human activity we have seen the worst impact on the environment and on our oceans ever recorded. With the increase in population, with more than 40% of the world population living within 100km from the coastline4 and increased use of plastics, more amounts of plastic and plastic debris has made its way into oceans around the world. With Plastics being widely adopted because of their durability as well as it being more cost effective to manufacture new plastic then recycle, a significant amount of plastics enter our oceans each year. With no oceans and seas free from plastic, it causes and increase in marine organisms becoming trapped and dying due to plastic ingestion and entanglement1. With this issue only going to increase and there not being enough resources to manage the plastic already been dumped, strategies are being made and are need to be made in order for plastic to stop entering our oceans1. WHATS THE PROBLEM Rubbish pollution in our ocean is one of the major concerns facing the globe. Rubbish when dumped in the ocean kills millions of marine life each year1. Plastic can suffocate animals when they get entangled in the debris, or can be poisoned by ingestion of plastics and the toxic chemicals that they contain. Plastics in the ocean is a problem as marine life can ‘purposely’ ingest plastic debris as they have a similar appearance to organisms they normally would prey on. An example of how this affects organisms is by
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