Rubella Is An Infection Of The Skin

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Rubella is an infection of the skin involving a rash on the skin. Rubella can be spread from person to person as early as one week before the rash begins and as late as one to two weeks after the rash is gone. Usually there are few symptoms including headache, fever, runny nose and headache prior to the appearance of the rash. In pregnant women however, the rash can be passed on to the unborn child. Complications from rubella during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or still birth. (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2015) Rubella is a spherical virus with a single strand of RNA. It is surrounded by a lipoprotein envelope. Its classification is the only member of the genus Rubivirus in the family Togaviridae. This virus has two…show more content…
Although there isn’t much that can be done in the way of treatment, there are preventative measures that can be taken. 2 There is a vaccine available to stop the virus from infecting a host. This vaccine is known as the MMR vaccine. According to (NLM, 2015), “The vaccine in current use is prepared from attenuated rubella virus and induces immunity by producing a modified rubella infection in susceptible recipients. It is administered subcutaneously. Two doses are recommended. The first may be given starting at 12 months. Most commonly, the initial dose is administered as a combined vaccine containing attenuated mumps and measles viruses as well. The second dose is given either at school entry or at entry to middle school or high school. Vaccine-induced infection is usually asymptomatic in children, but is associated more frequently with rubella-like symptoms in adults. Vaccine-associated reactions include fever, lymphadenopathy, and arthritis and are usually mild and transient.” Knowing that there is a vaccination available that eliminates the threat from this virus would make one think that the virus should not be around anymore. However, as stated earlier the number of cases of rubella has decreased 99%. That still leaves that other 1%. We live in a world now where even though there is a cure or vaccine to something some people will still
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