Rubicon: A Fictional Narrative

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That was the problem. He saw the light go on about 20 minutes after he left the apartment and had to make a calculated decision. Had she tasted the elixir or not? He decided yes, but as he looked around he saw everything was too small. Not enough room between apartments, too many people out walking their dogs and if she could ever talk? This was a bad idea all the way around. Further, he couldn’t take her back to the Hotel Del. He pictured himself trying to talk about the woman tied up and struggling and saying it was all an “act”. So he crossed the Rubicon. He would have to go back to the Hotel and check out but then he would go up the coast highway. Carefully, he fingered the black leather gloves, pulling them on each finger and the mask down and over his head. He reached behind…show more content…
He was practiced in shibari as he moved the rope between her legs, criss-crossing it and then typing it off as he rolled her over on her stomach. The drunk would take out an elephant so be moved her wrists behind her back and then tied them off and went to her mouth. The black ball gag as it went in her mouth. She moaned again, but it was already too late. Her fate was sealed as her mouth was pried open and the ball gag went in. He went to her phone and took out the sim card, he took a small extractor and copied everything on to it except the location finder and her cell phone out calling and then reapplied the fake sim and dropped it on the floor by her door. Unless the FBI got involved, it was the perfect crime. He went to the inert form and took her over his shoulder, like she was a prize or booty for a pirate and went outside. He looked around at the darkness and went to the truck, putting her in the back and then putting the tarp over her. She would awake to a massive headache and terror as he went back to her apartment to clean things up. Five minutes later he was driving back to
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