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The vulgar and refreshing paraphrase of a simplified hippy version of what shall be taken as topic: We are so oppressed. Maybe we are not repressed, but come on. We are so oppressed. Malcolm X knew it, Catharine MacKinnon knew it. Everyone knows it. One way we are oppressed is sexually. We might not just be repressed, while we still clearly are because there are laws and things. But, come on. Even if sexuality is socially constructed, it’s still very material, it is out there as much as anything - words are actions too. Gayle Rubin’s Thinking Sex considers the political history of sex regulation, its current form, and a bit of theory about sexuality and its discourses. At the very apex of the flow of the article towards…show more content…
They are imbued with conflicts of interest and political maneuvering, both deliberate and incidental. In that sense, sex is always political. (267) It’s political. And what else must be discussed, thoroughly? And what must be controlled more? Yet, sex need not be thought political, the categories of sexuality need not be taken as given (e.g. anal sex, homosexuality). ‘Freed’ this innocent political prisoner need not be. Most drastically, it is Rubin’s limitation on her own libertarian/anarchist project of liberating sexuality that dissolves into question marks of a common shade. “Sexuality in western societies has been structured within an extremely punitive social framework, and has been subjected to very real formal and informal controls” (277). The crucial coupling is well embodied in the question, “Ultimately of what significance is it that a person likes to masturbate over a shoe?” (310). Really, more important matters ought to be worried about. Sexuality is only about as important as it is thought to be (to reverse into a passive Foucault’s provision of agency for the world outside the passivized subject). For Rubin, sex isn’t so important, and when it is treated as important, this leads to violence and oppression. Luckily there are the free to save the day: “Psychology is the last resort of those who refuse to acknowledge that sexual
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