Ruby Bridge: A Short Story Of Ruby Bridges

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During the segregated times back in the south was very hard to deal with especially being a kid. You weren’t allowed to go anywhere you wanted too or do many things, especially if you were black. Everything was always divided into two main groups which were whites only and blacks only. Signs like these were hung up almost everywhere from water fountains to bathrooms and also from buses to schools. Fortunately the schools being segregated will eventually change because of Ruby Bridges. Ruby bridges was the first black child to go to a all-white Elementary school during the New Orleans school desegregation crisis in 1960. Even though Ruby Bridges was just a young girl she had multiple character traits that she used to help during that time. Such as courage, respect, perseverance and faith. No matter if it was a good or bad day Ruby went to school and respected her teacher Ms. Henry. Ruby’s perseverance was outstanding and admiring because everyday she kept trying to learn new things and have a education even during the hard times. Ruby had so much courage that I really admired a lot, because she was able to walk past the people that was calling her mean names and threatening to poison with her head held high. Her faith was good as well in one part of the movie she turned around to the crowd and prayed for them. Ruby actions in…show more content…
She paved a path for future generations of black students and was an inspiration to people of all ages. Eventually all the white protesters that use to stand out side of her school everyday stopped showing up towards the end of her first year of elementary school. That’s when everything started to turn normal. When the marshals figured out they weren’t coming back they stopped escorting Ruby to school. She even started talking and playing with some of the other white kids at school. Thanks to Ruby Bridges I am now able to attend a non-segregated
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