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“H20” Character Personality by Matthew Duran

Ruby Morris, protagonist and titular character of a popular novel written by Virginia Bergin titled “H20”, is a fifteen-year-old high schooler with a very interesting personality that changes for the better throughout the novel. In the beginning of the book, Ruby was a very self-centered, rude, selfish and ignorant girl. She only cared about herself as well as her popularity; she had a stepdad named Simon which she hated with a passion she never enjoyed talking to him no matter how hard he tried to bond with her. When it began to rain acid she was concerned about her boyfriend Caspar but didn’t do anything to stop him from getting himself in danger. When Zak’s parents were explaining the rain to
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When Ruby goes to her room the reader discovers that Ruby is very a materialistic girl, she begins to complain about her phone as well as how she requires makeup to look good when she goes out, she’s more worried about her appearance than the real problem at hand which is acid rain that can brutally murder someone if they come in contact with it. Simon informs that her shower and sink are temporarily disabled until further notice, this infuriates Ruby which causes her to yell and almost erupt in tears, and this shows that she is very concerned about her presentation to go visit her boyfriend who’s on the verge of death in a post apocalyptic setting. Ruby’s neighbor, Mrs. Fintch asks for assistance and that she requires medicine due to the fact that she was infected and was currently bleeding at a rapid state. Ruby suggests her mom to ignore her and just forget she’s there, to save the medicine for people who really matter like herself. Her mom gives Ruby a foul look and continues to give Mrs. Fintch the medicine, Ruby says she’s wasting her time, but her mom continues to aid the poor old lady who is in desperate need. After people read…show more content…
After Ruby’s mom and step brother pass away, she relies on Simon and they finally get the bonding experience he always wanted. Simon does eventually pass away, nevertheless they had a good time together and Ruby learned valuable lessons. Ruby goes to find refuge and find a fellow nerd, which also so happens to be her classmate, Darius Spratt at first Ruby hated him, but it was required that Darius and her got along so that Ruby could complete her journey of finding her real dad. After a few days they split and Ruby becomes very sad, she realizes the importance of a friend, but she becomes very determined, she would go anywhere to reunite with her dad, it was her last hope. After a few days she finally found him and she burst with excitement and now understood that life was more than makeup and her phone, it was about family and relations with them, it was about others who mattered and Ruby now understood that. The reader could now infer that Ruby has completely changed into a brand new person for the better and that her life will forever be changed with her new
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