Ruby Tuesday Code Of Ethics

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A code of ethics is a vital for any business, because if breaches of ethics accrue it can put companies in serious trouble with consumers, other organizations or government authorities. Making a code of ethics helps decision-making easier at all levels of an organization by reducing doubt and considerations of individual viewpoint in ethical standards.
I Choose Ruby Tuesday as the topic for my paper. I believe that having honesty and integrity a good start to having ethical behavior, a company must comply with both the spirit of the Code, it is essential to the Company’s success. The ethics code, along with other company policies, will govern actions and working relationships of the company’s employees with current and potential suppliers,
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Employees may not take advantage of anyone, including customers, franchisees, suppliers, competitors, and employees. Additionally, no one may make use of another through any means to include manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair‐dealing practices (Ruby Tuesday, Apr 2015).
B. Employees of RTI under no circumstances can you offer, give, solicit, receive, or authorize any form of bribe, kickback, or improper inducement, payment or gift in connection with RTI business (Ruby Tuesday, Apr 2015).
C. Employees of RTI must use good judgment in the efficient utilization of RTI assets. All assets must be used only for conducting RTI business. Therefore, employees must safeguard the Company’s property and assets from loss or theft and may not take such property for personal use (Ruby Tuesday, Apr 2015).
You must remember that employees are the guardian of the Company’s ethics. The ethical code is not intended to cover every situation or applicable law and provide answers to all questions that might arise. Employees are encouraged to speak to supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel if in doubt about the best and moral course of action in a particular situation (Ruby Tuesday, Apr
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