Rude Boy Music In Comparison With Gangster Rap Essay

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Rude Boy Music In Comparison With Gangster Rap Reggae music is a very powerful way of communicating a message to its listener’s. Reggae has evolved over time from many different types of music and lots of different forms from ska to reggae. The history of reggae starts over 400 years ago in the days of slavery. Under the severe oppression of slavery the African people tried to hold on the pieces of their culture that they could. Music and dance were among the most important cultural traditions retained by the African people. These African rhythms gave way to mento, which gave rise to Rastafarian chants, which in turn gave way to ska and then rocksteady. (Potash, 29) When reggae music is thought of, Jamaica is instantly the word that…show more content…
Rastafarians see Ethiopia as their homeland, and to fulfill a Rasta’s dream would to be leaving Babylon for Africa. Marcus Garvey tried to set up a company that would take the Afro-Caribbean’s back to their homeland of Africa. That project eventually went bankrupt, after Garvey got into trouble with mail fraud in the Untied States. (Potash, 17) Even the Ethiopian government set aside over 5000 acres of land for Jamaican people to immigrate back to Africa. Strangely enough very few Jamaicans ever made it to Ethiopia. (Potash, 17) This seems very strange to me, because through all the books and articles I’ve read I always read about how Jamaicans want to move back to Ethiopia. Reggae music has become one Jamaica’s leading exports. Reggae music deals with many issues that concern the Rastafarians such as black unity, freedom and rights for all people in the world, as well as the oppression of the world’s people. Rastafarians are located mostly in Jamaica but there are significant numbers in London and New York City. Rastafarians agree on two principles of faith only: (1) that Haile Selassie I the king of kings, the lord of lords, Conquering Lion of the

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