Rudy And Barclays Relationship

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Beautiful story about weird friendship – 10 Pictures
Did you have an opportunity to hear stories about interesting friendships? Even if you did, this time your heart is going to melt while reading a story about a dog and duck, two inseparable buddies.

Rudy and Barclay
We would like to introduce you Rudy and Barclay, two friends of different kinds. Yes, as you can see them in the picture how they are posing just for those curious eyes that are longing to hear a bit more about their unique relationship.

Once, upon a time...
These guys weren't close at the beginning. Just the opposite, they were like a life enemies and Rudy, the duck, was very angry each time he sees Barclay getting close to the duck coop. For a very long time Barclay was
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Although every time Barclay come close to steal the food or sniff other ducks Rudy would react loud and make him go, once the dog decided not to be scared anymore. That was something the duck didn't expect and somehow from that moment everything changed and the animals became closer.

Welcome to the group
As the animals started to show interest in each other and somehow become friends after a long time, Rudy allowed Barkley to get closer even to the other duck. The proud owner of this duo Pam Ishiguro couldn't believe how everything was changing. Now they all live together in Orange County, California

Showing affection
Every time Rudy wants to show affection, he cleans Barclay's fur. That is something like a ritual between these animals. It looks like the dog enjoys, because nobody likes to have bugs and parasites. Through this intimate process, these guys became best buddies.

The type of relation
As their mom Ishiguro said, her pets have special relationship now and they are acting similar like her sons. Somehow, they are playing the game of love and hate and everything looks perfect. The best thing for both is they are happy now, as they can spend time together.

The real
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