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HONORABLE RODOLFO J. ESPINA, SR. Mayor, Municipality of Kawayan, Biliran
Luisito Montalbo

Stories of leadership often fail to fully capture what the person behind the position goes through as he or she tries to institute changes in the organization. Many leadership stories tend to gloss over personal difficulties and highlight only those that make the leader appear bigger and brighter. What these stories fail to recognize is that there is much to learn from the struggles that come before the victory.

This is the story of Mayor Rodolfo J. Espina, Mayor of the Municipality of Kawayan, a 5th class municipality found in the Province of Biliran. In this story, we will experience the struggles of one who, from the depths of his
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The farms consist of two farm lots. One is 44 hectares and the other is 23 hectares. Both farms is full of fruit bearing planted trees (700 grafted mango trees with 44 mango century trees existing, 17, 000 calamansi trees, 250 dalanghita, rambutans, pamelos, lecheas). The farm has livestocks also. Around 500 cockfighting cocks others for breeding and 10 race horses for breeding. The farm is situated near Ex-president Joseph Estrada’s resort. Overlooking the Sierra Madre mountain and Laguna de Bay.

As administrator I started managing both farms by knowing first their existing conditions, both physical and financial. I then tried to find out what was needed to uplift its condition and to be productive. I exposed myself to the community, the town itself and tried to know the right people to talk to in relation to our farm business.

There were around 25 workers in all excluding other families. Most of the time, I was with them in the field. I would provide their families with medicines, food at lunch and dinner. After dinner, we would converge in our favorite place and share our accomplishments of the day, discuss future plans or just talk about life. Many times, I sought their advice on how to better manage the farm. I guess that’s the best part in a day’s work because it provided us with avenues to better understand our relationship and work.

I also managed the finances of both farms.
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